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A premium range of appliances available in MAP Base (ABC) Powder pressurised with dry nitrogen gas. MAP Base Powder is one of the most versatile & highly effective agents suitable for combatting fires involving wood, inflammable liquids, gases & electrical wiring. This Extinguisher knocks down fire by beating & displacement of air.


  • MAP Base Powder to combat all fires
  • Available in 5 capacities
  • Stunning looks & Design
  • High Quality Powder Coating
  • Squeeze Valve for easy to use
  • ISI Marked

Note : Check 3D Hologram on Firestop Fire Extinguishers for Genuineness.

PERFORMANCE DATA Download Technical Datasheet
Capacity (In Kgs.) 1 2 4 6 9
Fire Rating 1A & 8B 1A & 13B 2A & 21B 3A 4A
Average Discharge Time 9 sec 13 sec 18 sec 20 sec 26 sec
Height (Approx.) 34.00 cm 37.00 cm 48 cm 59 cm 60 cm
Diameter (Approx) 86.5 mm 108 mm 130 mm 150 mm 175 mm
Gross Weight (Approx.) 2 Kg 3.5 Kg 6.5 Kg 9 Kg 14 Kg
Operating Temperature Range -10°C TO +55C
Service Pressure 15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure 16.5 bar
Test Pressure 35 bar
Certification BIS (ISI)

Firestop fire extinguishers are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.
Design & specification may be changed without notice in view of technical upgradation.